Best Ghost Recon Breakpoint Mods (2024)

Tom Clancy's Ghost Recon series has been quite popular for many years now. Breakpoint is one of those games, although some players would agree that it could get slightly better in terms of game mechanics, content, or simply visuals. Why wait for the developers when you can fix all of that by getting some mods? Below are some of the best mods for Ghost Recon: Breakpoint.

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Top mods for Tom Clancy's Ghost Recon: Breakpoint

10. Tracer and Smoke Trail Removal

You like shooting guns in Breakpoint, but you don't like the tracers and smoke trails left behind from gunfire? The Tracer and Smoke Trail Removal mod gets rid of that for you. Whether it's performance issues or simply because the trails and tracer lines mess up your aesthetic, you can make them disappear now, which makes shooting a lot more fun than covering your screen in smoke.

9. Adjust FOV

Depending on your playing style, resolution, or the size of your monitor, the default field of vision in games can feel a bit low. Particularly in games that require aiming down sights and shooting. The Adjust FOV mod allows you to adjust the field of vision to your liking by increasing the size of the things you can see around you in order for you to have a better view of most things from your perspective.

8. GRB Max Zoom of Binoculars

Stealth plays a huge part in all of Tom Clancy's Ghost Recon games. The biggest aspect of stealth gameplay is scouting out the area before going in for combat. Binoculars are a great tool for this. Some areas might be a bit too far from the vantage point, which doesn't allow you to scan the area very well. The GRB Max Zoom fixes that problem for you by letting you adjust the maximum zoom of the binoculars to any desired value, so you can see as far as you'd like.

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7. Metalhead Visual Overhaul

The vanilla visuals of Breakpoint are great, but they might seem a bit washed out to some. The Metalhead Visual Overhaul mod is a large collection of mods that reshades and overhauls every aspect of the game by making the viewing experience much more vivid, cinematic, or gritty, depending on what your preference is. It has all kinds of different presets, all of which add plenty of various effects to your game by enhancing the graphics.

6. British MTP and Desert Camouflage

If you'd like to add a bit of variety to the existing outfits and uniforms for your character, adding new patterns and outfits is a good way to go. Specifically, if you have a British MTP or a Desert Camouflage pattern, then this mod is for you. This mod replaces the existing Kryptek Banshee and Nomad patterns with the British MTP and Desert Camouflage to make your game a bit more realistic while adding variation.

5. Remove Battle Belt

Suppose you're going for a sleek and stealthy look for your character, but the existing battle belt and the pouches on it doesn't really go with your gameplay aesthetic, then you can consider removing them with this mod. The Remove Battle Belt mod allows you to remove the battle belt, so you can have the look you want instead of being stuck with the vanilla appearance.

4. Anvil Toolkit

The Anvil Toolkit is a useful utility for modders and developers that is used to either make new mods or make modifications to existing mods. You can do pretty much everything with this mod, even as far as editing textures. It is also used to install plenty of different mods, which makes life much easier for you. Not only does it support Breakpoint, but also Assassin's Creed.

3. Realistic Reticles

Ghost Recon: Breakpoint is a shooter game, so weapons and shooting are key features of the game. You might not like the reticles on some weapons, since they might be unrealistic or just not what you're used to in a shooting game setting. The Realistic Reticles mod fixes that problem by adding tons of new options, either by refining the existing crosshairs or by completely replacing them with more realistic ones.

2. Authentic Warfare Sound

A lot of the mods for Tom Clancy's Ghost Recon: Breakpoint focus on realism and authenticity. Sounds from a video game about combat are pretty good, but they aren't good enough to sound like the real thing. That's why the Authentic Warfare Sound mod replaces existing weapon sounds and other combat sound effects from the game with more realistic audio. It also removes some of the audio, which might be a bit unrealistic for an actual combat scenario.

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1. Spartan Mod

Speaking of combat realism, the Breakpoint Spartan mod is as real as it gets. It is a well-made, detailed mod that changes almost everything about the game. This mod takes almost every aspect of the game, which is even slightly unrealistic, and turns it around to be as close as possible to the real deal. It changes the supply of ammo so that ammunition is considered a useful resource; healing times are slightly slower than before; stamina is limited to reflect realism; enemy alertness is changed so that if one enemy is alerted, others are not; and enemy detection is changed, among many other things this mod adds to the game.

There are a lot of other mods for Ghost Recon: Breakpoint, whether cosmetic or gameplay mechanic-based. You can look through them all on Nexus Mods.

How to install Ghost Recon Breakpoint mods

Every mod has some differences in the installation method which are specific to them. However, most mods start off with:

  • Download Cheat Engine
  • Make an exception for the antivirus if it shows a false-positive
  • Follow the directions on each mod, as they all have different steps in between
  • Inject the mod file to GRB.exe

While this is the most general and manual way to install most mods with Cheat Engine, some mods come prebuilt into an .exe file that you can install without doing anything. Other mods, however, can be installed using the Anvil Toolkit program, which is the fourth entry on this list.

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Best Ghost Recon Breakpoint Mods (2024)


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